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Services Direct Flight Solutions - Providing general aviation FBO Services at the Lebanon Municipal Airport

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FuelElevate Your Journey: Premium Fueling Services for Aircraft at M54. Experience seamless aviation fueling at its finest with our comprehensive services. We proudly provide clean, dry, high-quality 100LL and Jet-A Titan Fuels, ensuring your aircraft takes to the skies with peak performance and safety. Trust us for your every refueling need, and let your adventures soar to new heights.

Tie DownsSecure your aircraft with peace of mind at our municipal airport. Our 'Tie Down' services offer unmatched safety and convenience, with a range of dedicated spaces available to suit your needs. Fly confidently with us!

Hangar RentalsYour aircraft's safety and accessibility are of utmost importance, and we take this responsibility seriously. Direct Flight Solutions manages the complex of more than 70 hangars.

Car RentalOn site rental available with Wheels Down, the newest rental car service based at M54.

FBO Services

Fees and Services


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Please visit one of the following apps for current fuel pricing or call (615) 444-0031
  • Jet Fuel is Pre-Mixed
  • CAA Preferred FBO
  • Shell/Titan Contract Fuel
100 LL

Call FBO for current pricing



Single Engine


  • 10,000-12,500 lbs. Jet
  • Facility Fee*
Small Twin


  • 12,501-18,000 lbs. Jet
  • Facility Fee*
Turbo Prop


  • 18,001-Airfield Max + Jet
  • Facility Fee*
Over Night Hangar
A Row


B Row


E Row


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